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Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

This policy is adopted by the law firm Ambience Services, hereinafter referred to as the Company. The Company commits to protect the personal data collected when you visit its website or are the recipient of other services. This policy outlines what are cookies, how the Company deploys them and what are your options to control them.

2. The use of Cookies

For purposes of optimizing the operation of the website, we may send to your browser small data files termed cookies. These allow to our website remember your preferences for a certain time period, covering multiple repeat visits. We aim at ensuring maximum efficiency and user friendliness for our website and cookies support us in this goal.

Such cookies, although not restricted to the technical minimum required for the performance of the basic function of our website, are designed to enable a personalized browsing experience. However, you may delete or disable cookies any time. This might result in some of the functions becoming unavailable. Information relating to cookies is not applied to collect personally identifiable information about you or for any other reason beyond those stated in this policy.

The Company adheres to a policy of transparency and building appropriate awareness of all users on the function of cookies, hence it seeks users’ express consent. By using our website you agree with the use of cookies as set forth in this policy.

We appreciate that certain visitors may wish to set personalized control on their internet browser while visiting our website and customize their settings accordingly. You may read about the personalized control herein below under ‘’Cookies Control’’. In case you disagree with this use, please refrain from using the website.

You may easily accept or reject the afore described use of the cookies of our website, following one of the following links:

I accept the use of cookies/ I decline the use of cookies (*)/ Customization of preferences.

(*) You may only reject cookies which are not strictly necessary. Some cookies are necessary, as they enable certain functions, as the storage of preferences. Other type of cookies help us collect statistical data on users’ interaction with our website, evaluate users’ needs degree of satisfaction and proceed to the required improvements.

4. On Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile phone when websites are loaded in a browser (e.g. internet explorer or safari). They enable websites to collect data such as the users’ preferences. Thus cookies in fact operate as “memory’’ for the website, enabling same to recognize you when you revert and respond accordingly.

Websites use cookies mainly for purposes of:

-Recognizing their users;

-‘’Remembering’’ the customized preferences of their users;

-Assisting their users to complete their task without repeatedly entering information while browsing various sites or when reverting at the website later.

Cookies may be equally used for purposes of the so-called behavioral target advertising on internet, by building user profiles and showing ads based on products the user has viewed or searches the user has conducted in the past.

5. How are they used?;

The web server of the website may set a cookie on the computer or other mobile device. An external web server managing the files included or mentioned in the website is also in a position to store cookies. All these cookies are known as http header cookies. Another means of storing cookies is through the code JavaScript embedded or mentioned on this website.

On every occasion that the user looks up a new website the web server is able to retrieve the cookie prices previously set and produce the page with content relevant to such prices. Similarly, the JavaScript code is able to read a cookie belonging to its domain and perform the relevant action.

6. Which are the various types of cookies

Cookies may be classified based on their life span and the domain they belong to.

Accordingly, life span -wise the cookies are categorized as follows:

Session cookies, which expire upon the user quitting the browser (single visit) or

Persistent Cookies, which remain on the computer or other device of the user for a definite time period (multiple visit).

Domain-wise categorization consists in:

First –party cookies, which are issued by the web server and share the domain; and

Third –party cookies, which are set by a domain other than the one the user is currently on; this is the case when the webpage refers to external files, such as JavaScript.

7. The Cookies we use

In this section, the Company informs the users about the kind of cookies used by the website and summarizes the reasons for such use.

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for purposes of allowing navigation of the website and perform account related functions, such as safe browsing. Without such cookies services as virtual shopping carts or invoicing may not be rendered.

Functional (preference) Cookies: These cookies are used to store preferences set by users such as language or search parameters such as size, colour or line of the product. This information helps us boost user’s browsing experience and offers navigation tailored to his/her choices. It is stored collectively with other users’ information in an anonymous basis and is targeted at improving the functionality of the webpage.

Advertising (targeting) Cookies: These cookies are designed to gather information on the browsing habits for purposes of displaying advertisements based on relevant topics that interest the user. They remember the pages visited by the user and the information shared with third parties, such as advertisements. These cookies are third-party persistent ones, but they have an expiration date. They are usually related to third party services and have unique features that render the browsing preferences identifiable.

8. Cookies Control

It is possible to stop accepting cookies from your browser or from a certain webpage. However, disabling cookies may adversely affect the function of certain services rendered by various web sites, if misapplied.

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. Such settings are usually found on the menu as options or preferences. In order to understand how to proceed, the following links may be of assistance:

Cookie Settings for Internet Explorer
Cookie Settings for Firefox
Cookie Settings for Chrome
Cookie Settings for Safari

The links below may be enlightening regarding the purpose and use of cookies on internet:

Microsoft Cookie Manual
All About Cookies
About Cookies

9. Contact Details

Should you have any questions as to how cookies are used or your settings are kept, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
Phone: +30 211 1097700

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