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Microsoft Power BI

Save time and resources while managing your data.

The Microsoft Power BI platform is one of the top solutions in the market for the reliable management and analysis of business data.

The Aambience Services team has the expertise and experience to create customized Microsoft Power BI solutions that fit the needs of its clients.

Our experts work closely with our clients to understand their needs and data management challenges, developing solutions that provide optimal performance and value.

Leveraging the world-class Microsoft Power BI platform, at Aambience Services we provide the following services:

Control Panel

We create visual representations such as charts and diagrams charts that help understand trends and information.


We provide reporting and data analysis so our clients can better understand their business performance and make data-driven decisions.


We undertake the collection, cleaning, transformation and management of data to improve their quality and reliability.


We work together with our clients to understand their needs and create customized Microsoft BI solutions for optimal reporting and analysis.

With the Microsoft Power BI platform, we offer our customers the ability to save time and resources in managing their data to make the right decisions.

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