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Omnichannel Contact Center

Exceed your clients’ expectations

Today’s clients demand to be able to interact with your business using all available communication channels. Aambience’s omnichannel platform enables them to communicate with you via phone calls, mobile apps, email, social media or chat.

The challenge is to ensure that new and traditional channels are connected in a way that allows customers to move seamlessly from one to the other and pick up where they left off each time.

The Aambience Omnichannel Contact Center service ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and enhances your organization’s reputation.

The Omnichannel experience we offer has built-in systems that connect the customer’s information, history and communication with your business. Thus, your contact center can ensure an excellent journey for each client of your company.


Customer Service
Complaint Management
Technical assistance
Remote secretarial services
Call overflow


Product & service sales
After sales
Upselling & Cross-selling
Welcome calls
Appointment booking via telephone
Direct mail following up
Loyalty programs
Market research
Customer satisfaction survey

Watch a short and insightful video with all the inbound & outbound services of Aambience Omnichannel:

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